• View of Mount Etna from Monterosso Almo
  • The Hyblean Mountain Area

The villas are centrally located to most attractions in the Ragua region. With a minimum of 18 UNESCO recognised monuments, the baroque architecture in the region especially Ragusa Ibla will keep you take photos one after the other. There is also plenty of history to learn and discover and a visit to the Agrigento temples are must.

The southern coast is also blessed with fine sandy beaches, and a day at the beach is the least that you can do.

If you like walking and hiking, the Hyblean mountains and the surrounding forest offers long pleaseant walks and ample areas to explore.
Surrounding Area
  • Shopping
    Giarratana Centre - 5 Minutes by Car for All the Daily Needs
    Ragusa - Ibleo & Le Masserie
    20 Minutes by Car to Shopping Centres in Ragusa
    20 Minutes by Car to Modica
  • Beaches
    Marina di Ragusa - 51 minutes by car
    Marina di Modica- 44 minutes by car
    Donnalucata Beach - 49 minutes by car
    Sampieri Beach - 48 minutes by car
    Pozzallo Beach - 40 minutes by car
  • Nearest Cities
    Ragusa Ibla -12 minutes by car
    Ragusa - 20 minutes by car
    Modica - 20 minutes by car
    Scicli - 30 minutes by car
    Agrigento - 1 hour by car
    Pozzallo - 40 minutes by car